The description of it is a tough sell: a new extreme sport combining soccer with downhill skiing, where teams use the slopes to put together drives and score on the opposing team.

Feel free to be skeptical. But then watch the video of experienced teams in action. In a new video produced for, the potential of this new sport -- which is so young it doesn't even have a name yet -- is on full display. Players divided into two opposing squads, Team Ronaldos and Team Telemark, show that strapping skis to your feet is no hindrance to beautiful, impressive football with the ball.

According to the video's YouTube page, the game took place in Geilo, Norway. Players wore helmets and used skiing ramps and other obstacles as part of their gameplay, which features more skiing and soccer skill than most people can offer when playing only one of the sports.

It's entirely possible the video was shot more as a stylish video than as a practical introduction into the sport -- scenes of players flying through the air headfirst to header a ball after flying off of a jump ramp do seem like they're going for style points more than practical play -- but anyone who is a fan of soccer and skiing has to be salivating at the prospect of playing this game.

Regardless of whether it's a viable game for the masses, we need more of these videos. Better yet, let us see how a full game works.

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