Beachgoers in North Carolina saw definitive proof that the ocean in front of them was shark-infested waters. On Memorial Day, a couple who cast a fishing line into the waters reeled in a prize catch: A 6-foot shark.

In video shared with ABC News 12 in North Carolina, children and adults stare in amazement as the shark is pulled from the waves onto the sandy beach. The shark flails on land for a few moments as the crowd keeps a safe distance.

While the shark would look very impressive sitting on a fireplace mantle, the couple who caught the shark didn't keep it -- instead, after admiring the catch, they released it back into the water.

Impressive that they were considerate and released the shark back into the wild, but you have to think onlookers were a little more careful about swimming in the water. No one wants to cross paths with a shark holding a grudge.

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