In the northern parts of the country, it's still too cold to go out and enjoy a round of golf.

Unless you prefer to play on icebergs. In that case, now is the perfect time.

In a new video from filmmaker Seth Haley, a cold-water paddleboarder spends his afternoon floating around Lake Michigan chasing golf balls and hitting them from one piece of ice to the next.

It sounds weird, and it is weird. But it's also strangely beautiful.

Haley's video manages to make the water look like the surface of a foreign planet -- the pock-marked, melting ice looks like a chunk of the moon or an asteroid, and the cold Lake Michigan waters provide an eerie backdrop.

As it turns out, paddleboarding among Icebergs has gained some traction as an outdoor activity -- guide services offer to bring people up-close and personal with the giant floating hunks of ice, getting much more intimate than a boat could manage.

The paddleboarder featured in the video has been doing this for some time, explaining why he's so comfortable turning the icebergs into fairways and putting greens. Given the chilly waters, though, you're better off enjoying this solely as a spectator sport.

Plus, just imagine how many golf balls the guy lost. Probably the biggest line expense in the film's production.

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