Two men joyriding on an ATV down snowy city streets live by a code: it's not how many times you fall, it's whether you get back up again.

So when their ATV spun out and smacked into the front of a parked SUV, throwing both men from the seat, they calmly stood up and dusted themselves off, then re-mounted the ATV and carried on.

The problem: This is, legally speaking, a hit-and-run. And a local TV station's cameras caught the entire thing.

The incident occurred in Worchester, Massachusetts, after the latest blizzard to hit the east coast shut down the town.

The SUV struck by the adventure vehicle is actually owned by a TV reporter for a different network, according to WCVB 5 News in Boston.

Police are trying to track down the individuals involved in the accident -- news reports suggest they could have been teenagers -- but so far, no luck.

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