At 42 years old, Kelly Slater is an old man in the surfing world. But his performances apparently know no limits, particularly where age is concerned.

Case in point: Slater just landed what seems to be the first-ever frontside 540 in surfing.

Competing at the 2014 Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal, Slater took off from an unassuming wave and completed a full 1.5 rotations before landing cleanly back in the water. Once his trick was over, Slater took a celebratory dip in the water as his surfboard kicked into the air in front of him.

From the surfing community's reaction, it sounds like this is the first time a frontside 540 has been successfully landed in a pro competition. Last year, surfer Chippa Wilson was determined to break that barrier himself, but none of his attempts were able to complete the full 1.5 rotations.

And the modest wave Slater uses makes the trick all the more impressive.

Thanks to Hurley for the video.

Of course, there's some confusion about whether the trick was a 540 or a 720, which would be two full rotations in the air. Right now, the popular opinion is that the jump was a 540.

Whatever it was, it's pretty cool.

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