Earlier this week, Chris Bosh was admitted to a Miami hospital after complaining of pains in his chest. An examination turned up disturbing results: Bosh likely has blood clots in his lungs.

Though potentially fatal if untreated, Bosh isn't believed to be in any life-threatening situation. Still, blood clots are no small problem: The Heat star is looking at up to six months away from basketball or any other physical activity while he undergoes a blood-thinning treatment to remove the clots.

The news rattled many NBA players, including Bosh's former teammate, LeBron James. James sent out a four-tweet message to his old teammate expressing his concern and offering his support:

Bosh and James haven't had the greatest relationship since James returned to Cleveland last summer, but the two haven't gone as far as to say they have a feud. They've continued to talk when they see each other and remain amicable even as the tension of James' departure lingered.

All of little concern to James now. We'll know much more about Bosh's condition in the next few days, but it's possible he won't be on the basketball court again this year.

Deah Shaddy Barakat was one of three people killed in a shooting spree near the University of North Carolina last week. Barakat was also a passionate fan of Warriors superstar Stephen Curry. After learning of his fan's death, the Warriors superstar felt it necessary to honor him through an on-court gesture. After his three-point shootout victory at NBA All-Star Weekend, Curry talks about why he felt his message was important.

A 9-year-old girl sensed the coach of her favorite NFL team was in need of some help, so she did all she could to support his efforts to rebuild his home.

Shortly after a house fire damaged much of the roof and attic of Rivera's Charlotte-area house, he received a $5 donation from little Harmonie Frederick of Midlands, South Carolina. The money, Harmonie wrote, was her haul from the Tooth Fairy.

Fortunately for Rivera, his insurance will cover the cost of repairs and he didn't need Harmonie's money. So Rivera returned the $5 and sent Harmonie a heartfelt note along with some Panthers gear.

Harmonie plans to save the money for her college education.

South Carolina's WLTX has Harmonie's story:

Kudos to the Panthers organization for responding to the inquiries of young fans. Last month Carolina owner Jerry Richardson responded to a 12-year-old's letter with a handwritten note.

Chris Pratt loves the Seahawks, and Chris Evans is a diehard Patriots fan. So it was natural for the two movie stars -- each portraying a Marvel comic book super hero -- to make a friendly wager on Super Bowl XLIX.

If Pratt's Seahawks won, Evans would wear his Captain America uniform to a children's charity in Seattle. But if New England won, Pratt would have to dress up as Starlord from "Guardians of the Galaxy" and come out to Boston for his own appearance.

Needless to say, the Patriots brought home the hardware -- and Pratt came through on his bet, visiting children at Christopher's Haven, a home for kids suffering from pediatric cancer. He brought gifts for the kids as well, and Evans showed up to escort him around the facility.

Surely it was a nice consolation prize for Pratt despite his team's crushing loss. And clearly, the kids at Christopher's Haven couldn't be happier:

In addition to their on-site appearance, both actors worked to raise funds through a #twitterbowl campaign for both Christopher's Haven and the Seattle Children's Hospital. The drive raised about $27,000 for both charities, which Seattle Children's hospital getting about $15,000 and the rest going to Christopher's Haven.

One of the NHL's most popular and unpredictable stars furthered his reputation at NHL All-Star Weekend in Columbus.

Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin was at dinner with his agent, a friend and a team PR man Saturday when he decided he wanted to make a fan's night. So Ovechkin, who was looking at his Instagram account, called a young man who had left his phone number on one of Ovechkin's pictures.

Alas that young man, CJ Grinnell, didn't answer and Ovechkin was left to leave a message. Here's what he said:

What's up @grinzo_19 you tell me to call you!!! I did... but you no pick up!so check you're voice mailhaha

A video posted by Alexander Ovechkin (@aleksandrovechkinofficial) on

Washington Post reporter Dan Steinberg got in touch with Grinnell, who is 20 and plays for the East Coast Wizards of the Eastern Hockey League. Grinnell said he was watching highlights of the NHL skills challenge when Ovechkin called.

"It was a terrible feeling to miss the call," Grinnell wrote to Steinberg. "You never want to miss a call from someone like Alex Ovechkin. I just didn’t think he’d actually call. ... I was getting calls till 2 am last night. We’re all hockey fans, and no one can fathom the fact that Ovi called. It’s still hard to comprehend."

Ovechkin was calling from a blocked number, so Grinnell had no way to return the ring. But maybe Ovechkin, who has proved himself to be a Good Samaritan, will grant Grinnell a do-over and call again.

There's not much good news coming out of the Jacksonville Jaguars' organization these days. The Jaguars finished 3-13 in 2014, missing the playoffs for the seventh straight season. That's the longest postseason drought in team history.

But a recent news item out of Jacksonville should make football fans nationwide proud of the organization.

After hiring Doug Marrone this week as assistant head coach/offensive line coach, the Jaguars now have three offensive line coaches on staff. The team is expecting two -- Marrone and assistant OL coach Luke Butkus -- to work directly with the players. The third, George Yarno, hasn't been with the team since the spring. That's when Yarno took a leave of absence after receiving a cancer diagnosis.

Jacksonville kept Yarno on payroll in 2014 and will do the same in 2015 even though he most likely won't be able to rejoin the team anytime soon. The classy move allows Yarno to keep his salary and medical benefits as he fights the disease. Making the decision all the more commendable, writes ESPN's Mike DiRocco, is the fact that the Jaguars aren't publicizing the decision to retain Yarno.

The team has been quiet about Yarno's condition and the decision to keep him on staff, but in May coach Gus Bradley said this about the longtime assistant:

"He's received some positive news on his treatment options and how we're going to go about attacking it," Bradley said. "He's confident in the treatment plan, felt really good at the initial part of it, and the plan that the doctors have. He's actually excited about it, about getting after this battle.

Yarno has been receiving treatment with his family in Spokane, Wash.

A former NFL offensive lineman himself, the 57-year-old Yarno would be entering his 25th year as an assistant coach and his eighth year coaching in the NFL.

Amid all the focus on misdeeds and misconduct of NFL players this year, it is important to emphasize that these behaviors are aberrational and not the norm. The definition of news is not dog bites man, it is man bites dog. Reading the daily recitation of drunk driving and bar fights involving players, coaches and executives can create the impression of sports gone haywire -- yet these incidents represent a minuscule percentage of the enormous pool involved with the league.

This is why I thought it was important to create an award that recognized the community and charitable service that characterizes the typical lives of people involved with professional football. Along with my partner, Cosmo DeNicola, we will be presenting the Steinberg-DeNicola Awards for Humanitarian Service at my 28th annual Super Bowl Party in Phoenix at the Science Museum on Saturday afternoon Jan. 31 Proceeds from a silent auction will go to benefit the awardees' causes, and local beneficiaries will attend.

The Owner’s Award with go to Woody Johnson of the New York Jets. Johnson has dedicated time and resources to try and improve the system of public health in this country and is a role model for community service. The Team Executive Award will go to Dennis Hickey, general manager of the Miami Dolphins. Hickey has been a stalwart support of the Special Olympics Program. The combination of pro football and these valiant young athletes is a natural.

The Coaches Award is being given to Jeff Fisher of the St. Louis Rams. Fisher has given vigorous support to the Wounded Warriors Project. Honoring and providing resources to the courageous soldiers defending our freedom is the least we can do as a society.

The Players Award recipient is Jonathan Babineaux, defensive lineman and team captain of the Atlanta Falcons. Babineaux has a foundation which has donated to over 84 community causes. He has provided laptops to needy toddlers, donated a computer lab to a group home and helped kids with prosthetic limbs.

I have helped athletes retrace their roots for the past 40 years, build programs at the high school, collegiate and professional level that have targeted specific ills and raised more than $800 million for causes. The NFL as a league, through its teams, execs, coaches and teams, consistently makes a positive impact in the community. This is the good news.

The Carolina Panthers' season ended with a playoff loss over the weekend in Seattle, but thanks to the kindness of their owner the team gained a new fan.

A sixth-grader from suburban Oklahoma City had a big decision to make: He needed a new NFL team to root for. Cade Pope had supported the St. Louis Rams because former Oklahoma Sooners star Sam Bradford is the team's quarterback. But with Bradford's future unclear after he sat out the 2014 season because of knee surgery, Cade is on the hunt for a new squad.

As a means of selecting a team, 12-year-old Cade wrote a letter to all 32 NFL owners asking why he should be a fan of their team. The lone response he got was from Carolina owner Jerry Richardson, who sent Cade a package with a replica Panthers helmet and a note that read:

"Cade we would be honored if our Carolina Panthers became your team. We would make you proud by the classy way we would represent you."

Here's Cade's story, from Oklahoma's News on 6:

NewsOn6.com - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - KOTV.com |

The Panthers sent this tweet welcoming Cade to their fan base:

Cade's first experience rooting for the Panthers didn't go so well, as the team got trounced, 31-17, by the Seahawks in the NFC's divisional round. But with star linebacker Luke Kuechly and quarterback Cam Newton both under 26, the Panthers figure to have a bright future.

The unexpected death of Tyler Lorenzi in 2011 sent his friends and family into shock.

Lorenzi was an active, fun-loving 23-year-old whose inspiration spread far and wide. In the wake of the boating accident in which Lorenzi died, a few of his friends set out to make a film documenting his life and the positive philosophy that made him such a motivating force.

The co-directors, Ben Prawer and Jesse Swedlund, used a list Lorenzi created of his favorite things to do in his hometown, San Francisco. The list includes all sorts of activities in the Bay Area and embodies Lorenzi's love for adventure. For their documentary, Prawer and Swedlund found three of Lorenzi's friends from different points in his life. They brought these three to San Francisco and gave them the list, allowing them to explore the city through the eyes of their friend.

"In the process," the filmmakers write on their website, "[Lorenzi's friends] ultimately learn that while we can't choose how we will die, we can choose how we will live.'

Below is the trailer for Ty's List:

For more information or to support the film, check out the Ty's List website.

Sled hockey is a cool sport. For athletes with physical disabilities, sled hockey is a second chance. Military wounds, car accidents and other tragedies cannot halt these individuals from finding a niche on ice.

For a sled hockey team in Canada known as the Cruisers, their experience with the sport got even better when some NHL superstars surprised them with a visit. In a series of videos just released by Gatorade Canada, Sidney Crosby, Claude Giroux, Scott Hartnell, Ryan Miller, Logan Couture and Nathan MacKinnon all tossed aside their normal sticks and skates for sled hockey equipment one day in August to create lifetime of memories.

The game highlights show the NHL stars, while adjusting to their sleds, are on a rather level playing field with the Cruisers. The NHLers split teams with Crosby and Giroux wearing C's for both teams. Crosby knocks in an empty netter to cap off a 4-2 win for his team.

Gatorade Canada also unveiled some great interviews:

Sled hockey is known as sledge hockey nearly everywhere outside of the United States, thus the text of the videos in Canada. The U.S. Sled Hockey Team won the last two Paralympics gold medals in 2010 and 2014. In 2014, in Sochi, Russia took the silver medal and Canada the bronze.

These videos show a more tender side to a sport sometimes known more for hitting, fighting and slashing. At the very least, hockey fans will enjoy a reunion of Giroux and Hartnell, who played seven seasons together with the Philadelphia Flyers.

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