Everyone in the United States was still discussing Seattle's strange goal-line play call -- the one that resulted in a game-ending interception, handing the Super Bowl to New England.

Marshawn Lynch

But Marshawn Lynch was nowhere near the conversation. Instead, he was in Turkey, teaching football to young kids halfway around the world.

Taking part on American Football Without Barriers, Lynch joined several other NFL players who traveled to Istanbul to share the game with kids. And, according to Kevin Clark of The Wall Street Journal, Lynch didn't bring his trademark cold shoulder with him.

"He was the first guy into it; he was the loudest guy there," said NFL fullback Erik Lorig, who also traveled to Turkey. "He was the guy giving the electricity."

The camp featured boys of many different ages along with college-aged women. Lynch's portion of the camp required the kids to try and stiff-arm or overpower Lynch and fellow running back, DeAngelo Williams.

Female players were treated just the same as males, getting the same level of physical contact and all the same opportunities to participate.

To no one's surprise, none of the players were able to beat out Lynch or Williams. But they did have a great time.

The Marshawn Lynch teaching kids in Turkey was a much different character than the one spurning media requests and butting heads with the NFL league office.

In fact, Lynch even accepted a media request from a Turkish TV channel for an on-camera interview -- one 27 minutes in length.

While Lynch avoids U.S. media as much as possible, he was candid and forthcoming in the interview, which garnered headlines in America when he told the TV station that he had expected the ball on the goal line in Super Bowl XLIX.

Lynch was more of himself in Turkey, talking with camp members and even disclosing personal details, such as his fear of heights.

Once again, Lynch proves to be a complex character -- but not one without a heart.

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