Elijah Mainville was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma cancer at three years old. According to the American Cancer Society, children have a 40 to 50 percent chance of living five years past the diagnosis.

Well, Elijah is eight years old now, so he is at the five-year mark. But in January, the cancer spread into Elijah's bone marrow and tumors showed up in his hips and knees.

For most of the next few months, for seven days at a time, the Soulsbyville, Calif. native went through chemotherapy.

Elijah's cancer went into remission in April -- only to return. Elijah will start additional treatment again on Aug. 10.

Taking his mind off of his condition, Elijah takes shelter in his favorite sport: WWE.

Elijah made an audition video for the WWE reality series, "Tough Enough." The Mainville family posted it on YouTube for their own pleasure.

"It was just for fun –- just to humor him," Elijah's mom, Melody, told The Union Democrat on Aug. 1.

The video spread and eventually reached the WWE office. WWE Executive Vice President of Talent & Creative Triple H and WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon scheduled a video conference with Elijah. Elijah was offered an honorary WWE contract on the spot.

Elijah was on hand Monday at WWE Raw in San Jose. After the wrestling ended, the main event began. Escorted by his favorite wrestler, Stardust, Elijah came into the ring, where Triple H and McMahon waited with the contract in a suitcase.

Elijah proclaimed his wrestling name, Drax Shadow, and gave an accompanying catchphrase: "Don't fear the darkness. Fear the shadow."

Being a professional wrestler is one way of showing toughness, but fighting cancer is another story. Now with the title of WWE "superstar," Elijah will take his role into treatment.

Next week, Elijah will depart for the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford Medical Center for treatment.

The wrestling world sent its support to Elijah on Monday night:

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