Ronda Rousey is so unselfish she doesn't even want her UFC 190 championship belt. In fact, she isn't even interested in having it in the United States.

Rousey reportedly donated her belt to Instituto Reação, a children's judo school in Rio de Janeiro. Last year, Rousey actually gave judo lessons to locals at the venue, and she donated $30,000 to the school in March.

Hoje recebemos em nosso tatame a visita especial da Campeã de MMA Ronda Rousey! Além de prestigiar nosso trabalho, ainda tivemos a honra de receber um presente de peso! Obrigada por tudo @rondarousey ! #institutoreacao #rondanoreação #grandehonra -------------------------------------------------- Today we received a special visit in @InstitutoReação ! Ronda Rousey came here and gave us her UFC Belt! Thanks a lot @rondarousey! It was an big honor!

Gifting the belt to @institutoreacao yesterday - these kids are so inspiring, the facility is amazing, couldn't think of a better place for it

O cinturão é nosso!!! Presentinho da Ronda Rousey

Instituto Reação is owned by judoka Flávio Canto, who like Rousey, has a judo bronze metal. Canto won his in the -81 kg division in Athens in 2004. Rousey won her own bronze in -70 kg in Beijing in 2008.

Rousey also competed in Athens where, at age 17, she was the youngest judoka in the Games.

Rousey's gift to Reação's judo school and social project was actually an extension of comments Rousey made before she defeated Brazilian Bethe Correia on Saturday. Rousey hinted at such a case last Wednesday:

"Bethe did have one thing right," Rousey said. "She said that the Brazilian people deserve to have the belt left here. So I've decided that after I win it, I'm going to make sure that when I have the belt, I don't take it home with me. I'm going to give it and make sure that it stays someplace in Brazil as my gift."

Rousey beat down the hometown hero in 34 seconds.

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