Tony Romo just wanted to throw a party for avid fantasy football enthusiasts. He even took the effort to rent out a fancy lounge in Las Vegas to host the event, where over 200 fantasy footballers would meet with more than a handful of real ones.

Players like Dez Bryant, DeMarco Murray and Rob Gronkowski were supposed to attend the event. But then it was cancelled: the NFL did not want Romo hosting a fantasy event on casino property.

That left attending fans with a gaping hole in their fantasy hearts. On Wednesday, though, Romo came to the rescue.

He invited the 200 guests to Fizz champagne lounge in Caesar's Palace, and then hit them with a few surprises. Fans got a free drink, an autographed poster and a Facetime conversation with Romo himself.

Fans went wild when Romo hit the screen. He tried to sway a few fans toward cheering for America's team, banking on the support of the crowd.

Amid what seemed like a pro-Cowboys gathering, Romo even managed to slip in a little prediction.

"Go Cowboys, and I'll see you guys at the Super Bowl," he said as he ended the call.

We'll see if he lives up to his word on that prediction, but at least he stood with it for these fans.

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