In honor of Father's Day, Green Bay Packers star Clay Matthews delivered a super gift to a more-than-deserving fan.

The video of the surprise, which was organized by Courtyard Hotels, tells the story of a devoted husband and father who raised four children and served as the sole income-earner while caring for his wife, who suffers from multiple sclerosis.

The father, Bill, is also a massive Packers fan. But getting to meet Matthews was only part of the gift.

It's great to see how emotional Bill becomes, not only when seeing Matthews and then receiving his gift -- two tickets to Super Bowl 50 next winter -- but then having his friends and family flood out of hiding to congratulate him.

True to form, Bill emphasizes how happy he is with his life and marriage, despite the challenges that have been thrown his way. His grown-up kids are big fans and appreciate all he's done for them, and it's gratifying to see him rewarded for his dedication.

Let this serve as a reminder: show your appreciation this Father's Day.

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