Professional athletes making appearances at high school proms has become something of an annual tradition, but Andre Drummond's cameo comes with a twist: His date didn't just get lucky, she earned her arm candy through a challenge met on social media.

Raquel Smith initially hit Drummond up with a simple request over Twitter, asking him to prom back in January. Not only did Drummond respond, he said he'd go -- but there was a catch.

Smith had to get 12,000 retweets of her request for Drummond to go with her. And she only had two weeks to hit that number.

That's a tall order for anyone, but Smith went to work.

In the end, she wound up less than 300 retweets shy of making the mark. But Drummond didn't want to play hardball: He called it good and said he'd still go.

In case you can't tell, she was excited.

Compliments must go out to Drummond's stylist, who has him looking top-notch from the animal-print lapel all the way down to the monogrammed loafers.

Afterward, the high school's principal gave him a rave review.

"He was absolutely amazing,” principal Patrick Watson told the Detroit Free Press. “He stayed at prom almost two hours, was social with everyone, he was very nice. Of course even the adults wanted pictures and he was very accommodating. He was just unbelievable."

One more picture from the night:

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