Five years ago a tall, quiet teenager walked into a gas station in Detroit with a grim look on his face.

He had run out of gas on the John C. Lodge Freeway and he was looking for some help. Mohamed Gabasha, who was working at the BP gas station that night, gave the young man a container of gas and a ride to his car.

This week that man repaid Gabasha for his good deed, and he added interest.

Will Gholston, now a 23-year-old defensive end on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, was then a high school senior heading to Michigan State. Now that he's entering his third year in the NFL he's got some funds with which to repay Gabasha.

During a recent trip back to Detroit, where he grew up, Gholston surprised Gabasha by dropping in and paying him back for gas he donated.

Here's the video Gabasha's cousin uploaded to YouTube. As a warning, the clip contains some explicit language:

Gabasha told the Tampa Bay Times that he has helped other customers before but none had ever come back to thank him.

"It was amazing, how he actually came back," Gabasha said. "He just said 'Thank you for that day.' It was really, really nice."

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