MacKenzie Moretter has always had a birthday party with her family. But for her 10th birthday, she wanted one that included friends. The only problem: MacKenzie has always struggled with making friends.

MacKenzie has a rare genetic condition called Sotos Syndrome, which causes gigantism and has made MacKenzie much taller than her peers, her dad told KARE in Minnesota. Although kids are nice to her, they don't play with her or build friendships.

When MacKenzie's mom sent invitations to 10 students, none accepted. Days before the party, MacKenzie didn't have any guests to expect. Her mother, desperate, put out a plea through Facebook asking for sympathetic parents to come to the park for a celebration, even if just for a short time, just to help her daughter avoid the heartache of being stood up.

MacKenzie got much more than she bargained for. Around 200 people ended up coming to the park for a birthday, including two NFL players: Minnesota Vikings receiver Charles Johnson and Buffalo Bills tight end MarQueis Gray.

Johnson brought his own family, including his wife and daughters, and spent some time with MacKenzie.

"[Johnson] showed up early and stayed with his family for a couple of hours," said Mackenzie's dad, according to Bleacher Report. "He played, danced, played with bubbles -- like everyone else there.

"He brought her a present, toys, a pink Charles Johnson jersey with his name and number on the back, and pink shoes that matched. She wore it to school Monday."

Gray, meanwhile, shared some video from the party, which features all sort of fun: Hula hoops, balloons and tons of kids running around playing.

Odds are you've never had a birthday party that good. Good on Johnson and Gray for taking time to make MacKenzie's birthday special.

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