Brian Peterson was raised in Massachusetts, but he and his wife settled and raised a family in Nebraska. Ten years ago, his wife died after a battle with cancer, leaving Peterson alone to raise three girls.

Those girls are grown up now, and they understand what a gift their father gave them just by sticking with them and helping them recover from their devastating loss. On Monday, those girls repaid their father by taking him to Boston for a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.

In a segment filmed for The Today Show, Peterson explains that one of the last trips he ever made with his wife was to Boston for a Red Sox game.

The trip to Fenway was an incredible experience for Peterson and his daughters: They enjoyed seats behind the team dugout and got to meet Dustin Pedroia and Mike Napoli.

Peterson's oldest girl was 14 when his wife died, but his daughters speak highly of how he rallied them together in the wake of their loss.

Said one daughter: "[He] definitely taught us how to get through it and how to never leave someone's side. He showed us the true value of love."

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