Considering how beloved he was by former players, peers, even his rivals, it's no surprise that Dean Smith had one last tribute to the players he coached over the years.

In the wake of his passing last month at 83, an accounting firm is now contacting former North Carolina players and delivering on one of Smith's wishes: That every North Carolina letterman to play under him receive a $200 check from a trust he had established.

The payments, along with a letter, have been delivered to about 180 former players, with a handful of letters still waiting to be delivered.

The letters accompanying the $200 checks explain the coach's wishes to make a tribute to his "important and special" former players. The letters include a direction to "enjoy a dinner out compliments of Coach Dean Smith.

ForTheWin contacted the law firm featured on the letter's letterhead, and the firm confirmed that the letters and payments are real.

Efforts like this prove what a genuine and rare person Dean Smith was in life, and that reputation will be well-preserved in his wake.

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