If you've ever wanted to catch a ride on the Rob Gronkowski crazy train, here's your chance. The New England Patriots star is willing to spike -- or, as terms, "Gronk-spike"" -- any item you want in exchange for charitable donations to benefit the Gronk Nation Youth Foundation and Kids 2 Camp.

He means it -- he'll Gronk anything. Any item you can imagine, along with numerous items you wouldn't believe exist.

"In the NFL, we can only Gronk footballs," Gronkowski explains. "But out here, we can Gronk whatever we want."

The tight end says that winning entries into the contest will be flown to Boston to hang out with Gronk on his party bus, during which time those pre-determined items of choice will be Gronked.

If you're into Gronk, or Gronking, this is a can't-miss opportunity. Meanwhile, the Pats star continues his post-Super Bowl rampage of hype-fueled insanity.

And he may be well on his way to getting Gronk listed as both noun and verb in the Oxford English dictionary.

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