A big fan of gambling himself, Jaguars tight end Marcedes Lewis turned the game floor into a charity event. Yes, maybe all bets placed at the sixth annual Marcedes Lewis Foundation Casino Night were placed with fake money, but the goal remains the same.

In this case, though, the spoils of the game go to the Marcedes Lewis Foundation, which seeks to increase education about exercise and healthy living to children with limited athletic opportunities.

Lewis' 'Casino Night' has long been one of the foundation's biggest events, with donors turning out to raise money for the foundation while competing for prizes through a raffle and silent auction.

Lewis sees the night as an opportunity to learn casino games in a low-risk setting while putting the earnings toward a good cause. He spoke with ThePostGame about the event's appeal, including his own casino game preferences:

Lewis said his desire to support young kids through his foundation stems from his own experiences growing up, when that support wasn't easy to find. His foundation is the fulfillment of a promise he made years before he reached the NFL.

"I always said, if I was ever on a platform to [support inner-city kids], why not do it?" Lewis says. "Right now, this is my platform."

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