One of the Chicago Blackhawks' biggest fans is a little girl named Cammy. Cammy can't walk or speak, but she's a passionate hockey fan and particularly loves defenseman Duncan Keith.

As part of the NHL's #WhatsYourGoal social media initiative, the Blackhawks decided they would fulfill Cammy's dream of scoring a goal with Keith. But the NHL star did her one better: he didn't just score a goal with her, he brought her along for the ride.

In a great, heartwarming video, Keith explains that before you're ready to score a goal, you have to learn to skate.

It's hard not to share Cammy's excitement at seeing Keith for the first time, as well as her expression throughout their time together on the ice.

The Blackhawks' Instagram page also features several great photos from the afternoon:

Goal achieved! Video on BHTV. #WhatsYourGoal

A photo posted by Chicago Blackhawks (Official) (@nhlblackhawks) on

As far as social media initiatives go, this NHL campaign ranks among the best.

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