The 21-year-old son of ESPN senior reporter Ivan Maisel has been missing since Sunday, and efforts to locate him are taking on several forms.

As local police in the Rochester, New York, area continue trying to piece together information based on Max Maisel's last-known whereabouts, the family is asking the public to offer any information that could help pin down the specifics of Max's situation.

The college student was last seen at a pier near Lake Ontario -- an area he was well acquainted with. Max was last seen around 8 p.m. Sunday while wind and snow came down on the pier. Max was dressed for the weather, according to reports.

"There was a guy who saw him get out of his car," said Ivan Maisel to USA Today. "The guy left and came back and the car was still there, and that unnerved him and he called the police."

The Maisel family has a beach home close to where Max was last seen. He did not have a smartphone with him -- a normal occurrence, according to his mother, since he often left his phone behind when leaving the house.

Max stands 6-foot-5 and wears dark-rimmed glasses. While the family remains hopeful they will find him alive, it is possible authorities will begin searching the waters of Lake Ontario for his body, if the storm conditions improve.

In a media release through the Rochester Police Department, the Maisel family has requested any assistance the public can offer:

"We are heartbroken. At this point we still have more questions than answers. We are asking for the public, including the RIT college community, to help us as we continue our search for Max and try to reconstruct where he has been and when.

"[Charlotte Beach] is an area that sees many other visitors, year-round, including birders with cameras. We ask that anyone who believes they may have recently seen someone matching Max's description report that to the police by calling 911."

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