A 9-year-old girl sensed the coach of her favorite NFL team was in need of some help, so she did all she could to support his efforts to rebuild his home.

Shortly after a house fire damaged much of the roof and attic of Rivera's Charlotte-area house, he received a $5 donation from little Harmonie Frederick of Midlands, South Carolina. The money, Harmonie wrote, was her haul from the Tooth Fairy.

Fortunately for Rivera, his insurance will cover the cost of repairs and he didn't need Harmonie's money. So Rivera returned the $5 and sent Harmonie a heartfelt note along with some Panthers gear.

Harmonie plans to save the money for her college education.

South Carolina's WLTX has Harmonie's story:

Kudos to the Panthers organization for responding to the inquiries of young fans. Last month Carolina owner Jerry Richardson responded to a 12-year-old's letter with a handwritten note.

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