Earlier this week, Chris Bosh was admitted to a Miami hospital after complaining of pains in his chest. An examination turned up disturbing results: Bosh likely has blood clots in his lungs.

Though potentially fatal if untreated, Bosh isn't believed to be in any life-threatening situation. Still, blood clots are no small problem: The Heat star is looking at up to six months away from basketball or any other physical activity while he undergoes a blood-thinning treatment to remove the clots.

The news rattled many NBA players, including Bosh's former teammate, LeBron James. James sent out a four-tweet message to his old teammate expressing his concern and offering his support:

Bosh and James haven't had the greatest relationship since James returned to Cleveland last summer, but the two haven't gone as far as to say they have a feud. They've continued to talk when they see each other and remain amicable even as the tension of James' departure lingered.

All of little concern to James now. We'll know much more about Bosh's condition in the next few days, but it's possible he won't be on the basketball court again this year.

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