It's a reasonable assertion that J.J. Watt could destroy almost anyone he comes face-to-face with. The gargantuan defensive end is on the verge of becoming a modern football anomaly -- not only is he dominant at his position, but he's become a force to be considered in certain offensive situations.

Despite his reputation as a physical beast, Watt prefers the mantle of "gentle giant" off the field. A frequent visitor to children's hospitals, Watt just opened his wallet to buy lunch for the Houston police and fire departments.

The pizzas were delivered with a letter from Watt.

"My Dad and Uncle were both firefighters, so I spent a lot of time around the firehouse when I was younger and gained a great deal of respect for both firefighters and the police force along the way," Watt writes. "Y’all show up day in and day out, never knowing what the day might hold and never getting enough thanks for what you do, yet you continue to put others before yourselves and save lives because of it.

"I know it’s not much, but please enjoy lunch on me today."

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