With Western New York ravaged by snow storms, a Bills player and coach have made headlines for going out of their way to help Buffalo residents in need.

After three feet of snow hit the Buffalo area on Tuesday morning, the roads were covered in powder. On his way to practice Bills coach Doug Marrone noticed a stranded motorist on Abbott Road. So the 50-year-old Marrone pulled over his SUV and, along with a few others, shoved the vehicle's undercarriage from the snow that had surrounded it.

Marrone, who grew up in New York and played and coached at Syracuse, is used to battling the elements. When he was told it would be difficult to get to practice because of the snow, he wasn't fazed.

“All my life people have been telling me what I can’t do,” Marrone said, via the Buffalo News.

Marrone's kicker, Dan Carpenter, also played the role of good samaritan on Tuesday. Carpenter grew up in Montana and has seen large snowstorms before, and judging by a tweet he sent out it appeared as though he was enjoying the experience:

Carpenter and his wife on Tuesday shoveled a path to their elderly neighbors' home so they could check on the couple.

“The first thing he said was, ‘Is everything OK?’,” Roy Noble, 88, told the News. “I thought that was really nice.”

Kaela Carpenter posted this photo of Noble, who was a Prisoner of War during World War II:

Carpenter told Noble that he would make sure to check on him during the storm.

“He’s going to come around and check on us,” Noble said. “He and his wife gave us their phone number and she wants us to call them if they have any problems – you don’t see people like that anymore. We’re going to reward him someday. He’s a helluva nice guy.”

Noble and his wife, Lorraine, are celebrating their 69th wedding anniversary in the spring.

Despite the best efforts of the Bills, if the snow doesn't clear up their game against the Jets may be pushed from Sunday to Monday.

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