Dolphins linebacker Chris McCain was an undrafted free agent who has only tallied nine tackles this year and plays mostly on special teams. But the 22-year-old rookie from Cal has already found a heartwarming way to make his presence felt in South Florida.

Before every home game, McCain gets onto the field early and scans the stands for a young fan. McCain will then take that lucky youngster onto the field and give him or her the tour of a lifetime.

For McCain, who never attended an NFL game as a kid, the gesture allows him to give a child an experience he or she will never forget.

"I  just always wanted to be able to go to a game," McCain told the team's website. "Just try to give back. It's just something they’ll be able to remember for the rest of their lives. Impact them as much as I can. I love kids. Kids are my weakness. Whatever I can do to send a smile, I'll do it."

McCain says he'll try to give the child a pair of gloves and, if possible, walk them over to meet their favorite player. A few weeks ago a pair of fans got to meet Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

For McCain, the gesture not only allows him to help a child live out a dream, he says it also has become an important part of his pregame routine.

"It just helps me get my mind right,” he told the Dolphins' website. “I go out there probably 30 minutes after I get there (to the stadium). I’ll go eat and I’ll go on the field, get a feel for the weather, loosen up my cleats, and then I’ll start searching. If I don’t see a kid, I’ll go back into the locker room for a little bit, stretch for about 30 minutes and I go back out on the field. So I make sure I find somebody.”

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