One Indianapolis veteran will be celebrating the Fourth of July in some sweet new digs thanks to the kindness and creativity of Colts players Coby Fleener and Pat McAfee.

Erich Orrick is a U.S. Army veteran, a Bronze Star and Purple Heart recipient who presides over the charity Wish For Our Heroes. Founded in 2009, Wish For Our Heroes helps veterans in need, and it's provided more than $10 million in donations the past five years.

Orrick runs the organization from his garage, tirelessly making calls and seeking out donations to help veterans make ends meet. McAfee, whose own foundation works closely with veterans, has supported Wish For Our Heroes by donating Colts tickets.

Considering all that Orrick has done for the men and women who served their country, McAfee and Fleener decided it was time someone did something for Orrick. So together they huddled with appliance and furniture retailer hhgregg and arranged for some cool new furnishings.

McAfee and Fleener also devised an elaborate plan to get Orrick away from his home so decorators could remodel it. All told, the project proves as heartwarming as it is appropriate.

For more information about Wish For Our Heroes, you can check out the organization's web page.