Harrison Barnes is known for being quite gracious to autograph seekers, but the Golden State Warriors forward is taking an unheard-of step by agreeing to sign anything sent to him this offseason.

Barnes announced on his Facebook page that he has created a new P.O. box for fan requests. Fans must send him a handwritten letter detailing why they'd like an item autographed as well as photo of them holding the item.

Despite other commitments pulling at him this offseason, Barnes says he'll do his best to return all the items.

"My time is limited because of daily workouts, 'Games of Thrones,' 'House of Cards,' and video games," he writes. "Items will be sent back as soon as possible."

Barnes, the seventh overall selection of the 2012 NBA draft, has blossomed nicely on Golden State. Despite transitioning from a starter as a rookie to a reserve this year, Barnes increased his minutes (from 25.4 to 28.3) and points (from 9.2 to 9.5) per game.