Rarely has a tantrum been as profitable as Jim Boeheim's has turned out to be.

Following a questionable offensive charge call on Orange forward C.J. Fair during a crucial moment of the Syracuse-Duke game on Feb. 22, Boeheim lost his mind. He ripped off his jacket, put it back on and ran up the court to yell at the refs. His fit of rage earned him the first ejection of his nearly four decade career. His top-ranked Orange ended up losing, 66-60.

And now Boeheim's temper has earned his charity a large sum.

At the Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation's annual Basket Ball recently, Syracuse superfan Neil Gold purchased Boeheim's jacket for $14,000 at auction.

"For somebody like me — this was perfect," Gold told Syracuse.com. "It was the first time we played Duke at Cameron. It was the first time Coach was thrown out of a real game. It's part of Syracuse basketball lore now."

Gold was at the game in Durham, N.C., and remembers being as furious as Boeheim was with the call. The jacket will be a solid addition to the more than 100 Syracuse basketball-themed items he has in his basement.