Taking a page out of all-around nice guy Peyton Manning's book, Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly actually RSVP'd to a pair of fans' wedding invitation.

The fans, Thomas Froschle and Maryanne Goslee, invited Kelly to their nuptials on May 10. Unfortunately for Kelly, that's kind of a bad time for an NFL coach -- it's the weekend of the NFL draft.

But just so the bride and groom knew he wouldn't be attending, Kelly courteously sent back an RSVP.

Last year Manning made the same gesture after he was invited to a fan's big day.

This isn't the first time Kelly has responded to a fan's request. As coach of Oregon he reportedly reimbursed a fan $439 in expenses for traveling to see the Ducks lose to Boise State.

It's a shame that Kelly can't make it, because according to Goslee there will be a Chip Kelly-themed table at the reception.

"The tables are all decorated as Eagles players, and we're also setting up a Chip Kelly table," Goslee said. "We're coming out to the Eagles fight song too, so it's getting pretty intense."

One can only wonder what is involved in a Chip Kelly table: Innovative food formations? Rapid drink consumption?