When a fan decked out in 49ers gear appeared at the massive Seahawks' Super Bowl parade, he earned himself plenty of attention on social media.

Among those who took notice was Catherine Tate, president of Ladies of the Empire, a 49ers booster club. Tate wanted to reward the young man's bravery and loyalty by inviting him to the Seahawks-49ers game next season at the new Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara. She had a front-row, 50-yard line ticket for him. Tate created an account on GoFundMe.com, so other 49ers fans could help pay for his trip from Seattle to the Bay Area.

That's when the story took a twist.

It turns out the fan is a 15-year-old homeless boy named Ronnie Andrews. He lives in a shelter and is a ward of the state, which means he might not be able to travel to California until he is 18.

In the meantime, 49ers and Seahawks fans alike have helped raise more than $26,000 for Andrews, and Tate wrote over the weekend on GoFundMe.com that the funds will not go to waste:

The money will NOT just be handed over to this minor. Once this minor has been placed with a foster parent we will contact the foster parent and arrange to set up a bank account in this minors name to be accessed when he turns 18. This minor has a huge desire to attend college and is blown away that so many people want to help him. He fully intends on using this money for this purpose. You all have changed this kids life. I can appreciate the skeptics. But I assure you this is one story that is very very very real.

On Monday, she had an update with more good news:

KING News in Seattle landed an interview with Andrews: