In the days after Richard Sherman's interview-heard-'round-the-world with Erin Andrews, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback received reactions from all sides. Some people criticized him, calling him arrogant and unsportsmanlike. Others defended him, saying his braggadocio was merited after he helped the Seahawks squeak past the 49ers and into the Super Bowl.

One young fan named Nikolas even compared Sherman to the cartoon character "Wreck-It-Ralph," saying both were simply misunderstood. Nikolas sent Sherman a note and the Pro Bowler liked it so much that he tweeted about it.

Here's the text of Nikolas' letter:

"Richard Sherman reminds me of Wreck It Ralph because people think they are both bad [guys]...but they are both really [good] guys. They are both nice...and really smart. Richard [Sherman] is smart...he went to a good [school] and studies football...Wreck It Ralph is smart...he saved Sugar Rush [and] saved the day...Richard Sherman is nice...[he] visits sick kids and is nice to [them]...Ralph is nice to Venelope."

Nikolas' note earned him and his family a trip to the Queen Latifah show, under the premise that they'd be speaking with Sherman on the phone. As it turns out, there was much more in store for Nikolas and his sister.

Here's the heartwarming clip:

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