Dwyane Wade's trip to New Orleans for the All-Star Game involved more than just contributing 10 points and three assists in the Eastern Conference's 163-155 win.

The three-time NBA champion also made a lasting impact on a local high school. Wade, with some help from Gatorade, renovated the outdated locker room of Riverdale High School in Jefferson, La. The Rebels went from changing in a space built in 1962 to one that includes wood paneling and is modeled after the Miami Heat's locker room.

To make the transformation even more epic, Gatorade hired contractors to complete the renovation during a game, so the players were completely shocked when they came back to a brand new locker room. And Wade himself even stopped by to say a few words.

"This is like an NBA locker room now,” Wade told the Sporting News. “You want kids to have that. My locker room, we had like iron lockers. Our coach’s office was in the shower. He did his stuff in the shower area."

"They left and it was one way and they came back to this and they were like, 'Whoa!" And I'm sitting in the back listening to everything that they're saying and it's funny to me because I would've been doing the same thing."

Gatorade's video of the transformation already has more than a quarter of a million views on YouTube:

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This is a big year for Riverdale. Not only did they get the surprise of a lifetime with this new locker room, they also qualified for the postseason for the first time in coach Robert Mays' 17-year career.