A police officer made a young boy's day recently when he took time out of his busy schedule to toss a football around with the youngster.

Sgt. Ariel Soltura, a cop in Rosenberg, Texas, is somewhat of a viral celebrity after his office made public the dash cam video of him playing catch with a boy.

Soltura says he was doing his normal patrol when he noticed the solitary boy holding a football. It was clear to Soltura that this boy was looking for a partner and so he stepped out of his vehicle and asked for the ball.

The Rosenberg police department posted the clip of Soltura and the boy engaging in a game of catch to Facebook, and it's received thousands of shares and likes.

"It was cool that the public got to see what police officers do on a daily basis," Soltura said. "If we see a kid kicking the can, they want us to go out there and replace that can with a ball, and hopefully we've made an impact on these kids' futures for the rest of their lives."

Sure enough, it looks like Soltura's kind gesture had a significant impact on the young boy.