One Florida State offensive lineman is making the most of the exceptional opportunity granted to the Seminoles after their undefeated season.

Florida State, of course, will be facing off against the Auburn Tigers on Jan. 6 in the BCS championship game. And Mike Scheerhorn, a 19-year-old lineman from Tampa, is raising money to send a young cancer patient and one of her parents to Pasadena for the game. He is donating the two personal tickets he receives, plus he is looking to cover the cost of airfare, lodging, car rental and more.

Scheerhorn set out to raise $5,000, and as of Friday he's at more than $11,000.

Here's what Scheerhorn wrote on his CrowdRise page:

Hi! My name is Mikey Scheerhorn and I am an offensive lineman with the FSU SEMINOLES who will be playing in the upcoming BCS Championship game in Pasadena, CA on January 6th.

When my brother Daniel was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma – a form of brain cancer – it was devastating to my entire family. Everything changed in a heartbeat. While Daniel’s medical team worked to cure his cancer, we soon found that it was going to take more than medicine for our whole family to beat this thing which had so suddenly and dramatically invaded our lives. The Children’s Cancer Center understands that, and we were fortunate to receive their help. They provided all kinds of day-to-day support for our entire family at a time when we needed it most.

Now I would like to pay that kindness forward, so I’m sending a child and her parent to the BCS Championship game in Pasadena!

I have two tickets for them from my personal allocation, but I need help getting the family there.
The total cost will be around $5000 including airfares, hotel stay, car rental, etc. and it is my dream that together we can raise that money here so that the Children’s Cancer Center will not have to spend a single penny.

CAN YOU HELP? Donating any amount - from a few bucks to a few hundred – is appreciated. Every bit helps. *ANY LEFT OVER MONEY WILL BE DONATED DIRECTLY TO THE CHILDRENS CANCER CENTER* I have no access to the money.

Thank you – and GO NOLES!