With all the players passing through NFL teams this season, you may have missed one important signing by the Washington Redskins.

Washington inked Lateef Brock to a contract and sweetened the deal with a singing bonus of unlimited candy. So who, you may be wondering, is Lateef Brock?

Lateef is an 8-year-old boy who was born with chronic kidney disease. He's seen more doctors than any child ever should. But recently Lateef got a chance to take his mind off of his struggles and just have some fun. Thanks to Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic, Lateef got to hang out with his favorite team and his favorite player, quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Here's the heartwarming video:

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"I feel blessed that he chose me to be the guy he came out to practice with and hung out with," Griffin said afterwards. "I don't have any kids, but a lot of the coaches do and they say that when you have a kid, you get more sensitive to things that happen with little children. It's sad to see what he’s gone through, but I'm glad that we could make his day on this day."

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