Normally sports reporters are the ones writing stories, but one scribe found herself the subject of a news item Sunday. Luckily for Newsday's New York Jets beat writer Kimberley A. Martin, this story has a happy ending.

Martin was at MetLife Stadium covering the Jets' victory over the New Orleans Saints. During a trip to the bathroom, Martin took off her engagement ring before washing her hands. She only realized after heading down to the locker room for interviews that she had forgotten the ring.

Luckily for Martin, New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson's wife, Gayle, noticed the ring when she stepped into the bathroom. She took it and gave it to stadium security. Later, she had some advice for Martin.

"Many blessings and always keep your ring on," Gayle Benson told Newsday. "Better to get soap on it than lose it."

Martin, who recently got engaged to Bergen Record sportswriter Jeffrey Roberts, was "incredibly grateful" for Benson's kind act.

"I am so touched that Mrs. Benson found the ring and was able to get it back to me," Martin said. "You have no idea what it means to me to have it back."

After the incident, Martin received some gentle ribbing on Twitter.