Stories about sports teams devising a way to give a special-needs kid a memorable moment in the sun aren't necessarily original anymore. But they always hit home, and a recent story from Michigan has an extra twist that elevates it another level. At Olivet Middle School in Michigan, the football team worked up a plan to give Keith Orr a chance to score his first touchdown. Specifically it was Orr's teammates -- not the coaches -- who developed and executed this idea.

Orr's teammate, Sheridan Hedrick, was running the ball toward the end zone for a touchdown but slid to take a knee at the 1-yard line. The fans, not understanding that a larger plan was in motion, weren't thrilled. But the next play was Orr, with the rest of the team blocking, running the ball across the goal line to score a touchdown.

This story was broadcast on the CBS Evening News in late October, but it has gained considerable momentum on social media this week. The official CBS YouTube clip of the segment had 750,000 views by Wednesday morning.

Another reason why this story resonates is because it shows not only the happiness of Orr and his parents but the impact it had on his teammates.

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