Oakland, California, native Marshawn Lynch spent part of his offseason encouraging kids to be on time for school in a video released this month by the Oakland School District. The Seahawks running back joins the music remix to Rihanna's "Don't Start The Music" with catchy lyrics like "Can't be late/Got to get myself to class so they can educate/There is a world of things to know so I can't hesitate ..."

Lynch's role in the video is to blow a whistle and show off his dance moves.

Oakland Unified Communications Director Troy Flint told Oaklandlocal.com that getting the message of the importance of attendance and timeliness to school has been an important one for the district.

“I know part of the problem is we are not always reaching target audience," Flint added. "Sometimes some of our messages on this topic are on the dry side and not engaging. So we wanted to try something much more engaging that would be student focused."

Lynch attended Oakland Technical High School before going on to Cal.

(h/t SB Nation )

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