Julie Anne Kuster's daughters chose a great time to go grocery shopping.

Kuster, who lives in Buffalo, wrote an email to a local television station saying that her daughters were standing in line at Walmart when a man offered to pay for their entire order.

Here's how the scene unfolded:

"He told them someone blessed him and now wanted to bless them. He paid for all of their groceries worth over $100! The cashier finally told them who he was and they were completely ecstatic!! So nice to see them giving back to the community I have always been a Bills fan but he just gained two new groupies !! THANK YOU STEVIE JOHNSON !!!"

Sure enough, the Bills' wide receiver had tweeted his charitable intentions minutes earlier:

This isn't the first time Johnson has randomly paid for some merchandise at Walmart. In December he paid for a couple's brand new Vizio HDTV.

Johnson, 27, signed a five year, $36.5 million deal with the Bills in 2012, so he's certainly got the means to help others out. It's nice and more than a little refreshing to see him so interested in giving back to the community.