Because they share the same stadium, it's not shocking that the Jets-Giants preseason game this weekend is a little bigger than most. It's been renamed the MetLife Bowl and has a Snoopy trophy for bragging rights -- a sponsorship deal that has also set off a curious and hilarious social media campaign involving Giants punter Steve Weatherford.

"It's just really kind of creating a little bit of awareness of what we're playing for, what's at stake," he told ThePostGame, as the Snoopy trophy sat next to him in the car. "A lot of people don’t know this is the MetLife Bowl. I’m just trying to educate people and get everyone excited about the game this week the fact there's something tangible on the line."

Bragging rights for New York, of course, are worth more than a trophy, but these videos and photos are pretty amusing:

Weatherford, who played two seasons with the Jets before joining the Giants in 2011, said he's taken the Snoopy statue throughout his everyday life.

"I mean anything I do on a typical day," he said of Snoopy's travels. "I probably took 50 pictures with him … anywhere I thought the fans would enjoy I have a ton more pictures but I didn't want to burn everyone out."

Weatherford said he usually uses his social media to spread positive messages, fitness tips and more to his more than 63,000 Twitter followers. He's also incredibly active in charities -- in this campaign, for each mention of the #Road2MetLifeStadium hashtag the MetLife Foundation will donate $25 to either the Jets or Giants charity.

"I'm not going to be a pro athlete forever and right now people do care about my opinion and care what I think," he said. "So I’m trying to utilize this brief time in my life to do as much as I can."