In an inspiring story that was shown on ESPN over the weekend, the Seattle Seahawks signed perhaps their most valuable player: Kevin Lee, a 12-year-old with a heart condition that limits his ability to play contact sports.

Lee, who got a VIP trip to the Seahawks' training camp through the Make-A-Wish foundation, inked a five-year deal with the team.

The press conference, shown below, is perhaps the best part of the show (you can see the whole segment here).

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When asked by a reporter what if he likes the contract, Lee quickly responds: "Sort of. I'd like six years."

"I tell you one thing, one thing," he adds. "There will be a Super Bowl this year."

Lee, who lives in Michigan, also met his favorite player, Russell Wilson, and got to chat with some of the team's players about the game. He also joined in for practice and at the end of the day showed off his amazing touchdown dance.

"They told Kevin, when he was thinking of his wish, to really reach for the stars and he did," his mother, Dawn Lee, told Farmington Hills "They gave him what he asked for and more than he could have ever conceived. We are truly grateful for this once in a lifetime experience!”