Diane Brennan was looking through New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford's Facebook recently when she experienced a stroke of inspiration.

Diane's father, Joseph, was suffering from Stage 4 lung cancer and nearing his final day. Joseph was a huge Giants fan, and Diane thought Weatherford might be able to help with his pain.

"He just seems like such a caring person," Diane told the New York Post of Weatherford. "I don’t know, for some reason I just felt the need to [message] him, I can’t explain why."

Weatherford got back to Diane right away, telling her he would help in any way possible. She sent Weatherford a Giants hat, and on July 26 she got it back with an autograph and a warm note.

“My father had a really tough time, going in and out of it, times of hallucinations and stuff," Diane said. "We put the hat on him and he smiled."

Four days later, on July 30, Joseph Brennan passed away. He was buried with a Giants helmet and wearing a Giants T-shirt beneath his suit. The picture of Weatherford and the hat he signed were on display at the funeral. This week Weatherford posted a link to the Post story along with this note on his Facebook page:

"Ill be the first to tell you that I'm not worthy of God's grace, but he has continued to bless me and work through me to help others. I am truly blessed."

Weatherford has invited the Diane Brennan and her family to be his guests at the Giants training facility on Thursday. And even though Diane's husband is a Patriots fan, she says he'll still accompany her on the trip along with their children and her brother, sister and mother.

“"Steve went way beyond what I ever could have imagined," Diane said. "We're such a humble family. My father’s a very humble man, and for [Weatherford] to take time out of his busy schedule to do anything, we're just average people, just fans that asked for a simple favor and he’s gone way beyond what we ever expected."