Few young professional athletes have as good a relationship with their fan base as Robert Griffin III does with Redskins supporters.

Griffin, who is only entering his second season in the NFL, has produced more acts of goodwill than we can recount here. He wrote personalized notes to fans who bought him gifts for his wedding. He's donated his gear for charity. He's even given away socks on Halloween (True, socks are socks. But have you ever heard of another QB giving away anything on Halloween?)

And now, a new video from Redskins camp should only add to Griffin's growing lore.

A YouTube user named stizzle804 posted a video in which Griffin is letting a young fan (with a wonderful mohawk, we should add) sign his jersey. How cool is that?

In the video Griffin is mobbed by dozens of autograph hounds. Yet in the midst of this chaos, including a jersey that blocks a clear view of the action, he finds time to let one fan put his John Hancock on Griffin's practice jersey (at about the :40 mark).

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See, Redskins fans? Training camp isn't all that bad.

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