The Cleveland Browns found themselves on the wrong end of a scathing line in an obituary recently.

After Browns fan Scott E. Entsminger died last week, his obituary in the Columbus Dispatch included this request: "six Cleveland Browns pallbearers so the Browns can let him down one last time."


Entsminger, a General Motors retiree who died of pancreatic cancer, was a season ticket holder and hadn't missed a Browns game since 1999. He's far from the first fan to publicly voice his displeasure with the middling franchise, but this diss seemed to hit extra hard.

Instead of ignoring the comment, the Browns actually acted on it in a classy manner. According to Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns contacted Entsminger's widow, Pat, and learned that Scott's favorite player was Hall of Famer Lou Groza. They had a personalized jersey made with Groza's number (76) and Entsminger's name. They sent two representatives to this week's funeral service to present the family with the jersey.

Now that is class. Perhaps it's the Browns' new management, or a new drive to connect with fans, but either way this gesture should help ending some of the animosity that fans have toward the franchise.