One Brazilian soccer club's fan base is so passionate that many supporters are willing to give more than blood for their team. They're willing to become organ donors.

Sport Club Recife, which plays in Recife, Brazil, has a famously devoted fan base. They're so committed to supporting their team that more than 50,000 of them recently signed up for a program in which their organs can be donated to other fans of the team.

That's right. Even after these fans die, their hearts will still be beating for Sport Club Recife.

"I promise your eyes will keep on watching Sport Club Recife," says Adriano dos Santos, a fan who is waiting for an eye transplant, in a promo video for the campaign.

Finding organ donors has been a significant problem in Brazil, so this campaign has been a great help for hospitals and donation centers.

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If you're wondering, that wasn't just an average promo video. The video, created by Ogilvy & Mather in Brazil, won the top award at a contest in Cannes.