Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll returned to Southern California the past weekend for a youth football event at Crenshaw High School. Carroll's foundation, A Better L.A., is still active despite his relocation. ThePostGame briefly caught up with Carroll, after he shared some words of wisdom with the kids and threw touchdown passes to the event's host, Snoop Lion.

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ThePostGame: How does it feel to be back in L.A.?
PETE CARROLL: It's always good to be back in L.A. It's my home, so even though we're up in Seattle, this is still home for us. I’m back and forth a lot, and I love to contribute and be a part of something particularly special as Snoop's event here. A Better L.A. is here to support him, and he's supported us in the past. We like working together on that kind of stuff.

TPG: You just took some pictures by the taco truck for "Turbo" (an animated movie coming to theaters July 17). What's your favorite sports movie of all-time?
CARROLL: I'm trying to think of that Robert Redford baseball movie … "The Natural."

TPG: You recently held a second "town hall" meeting with the Seahawks fans in Seattle. It seems like you’ve really tried to bring that college vibe to the city. How have you tried to implement that, and do you think it's been successful in the NFL?.
CARROLL: Our fans are extremely important, and they are extraordinary up there. "The 12th Man" is a real entity, and so I want to just give back to them for all of the great stuff that they give us. And I think that the more they understand who we are and what we're all about, the better they can support us. So it’s really an effort to give back to them but also to give them some insight, so they know what’s going on and support us more astutely and be connected to us.

TPG: St. Louis had a good draft this year, the 49ers are a really strong team, you guys are a really strong team -- looks like it's going to be as tough a division as ever this year. What are your thoughts?.
CARROLL: I don't think any division is tougher than what we've got going now. It's been a tremendous turnaround in a couple years' time. The Niners are obviously for real, Jeff [Fisher] is going to bring the Rams to a really high level, and so we have to get our game together and just be able to compete with those guys. The whole mindset just to be ready for our division gets us ready for the season.