Seniors at Pitman High School in Turlock, Calif., had a ceremony to remember, as an unexpected guest and one of the school's most famous alum popped in for a quick speech at graduation.

After all the graduates received their diplomas, Principal Rod Hollars called football coach Brandon Harris up to the stage. Harris, who had been the school's head coach since 2006, is leaving the program to be closer to his family. Hollars told Harris he had a special "live stream" for him, and that's when Kaepernick appeared on the video screen. He said a few words before being pulled off the screen. Moments later, Kaepernick appeared in person on stage.

As if the ceremony wasn't already memorable enough, Kaepernick's appearance made the night extra special for the graduates and their families.

“I had to come back to say goodbye to two of my favorite teachers and also congratulate the graduates,” Kaepernick said. “I'm saying goodbye to one of my good friends and best coaches. I have a lot of great memories with him."