Last week fifth-grader Keila Penner was sent home from her Montreal elementary school for wearing an Ottawa Senators jersey.

But Keila's fortunes turned around rather quickly, as that same "offense" scored her and her family tickets to the Senators game against the Montreal Canadiens on Tuesday.

Keila's father, Cary, grew up a Senators fan in Ottawa. So even though the family lives in Montreal, Cary has made sure he raised his children as Senators fans.

On the day of Game 1 of the Canadiens-Senators playoff series, students at Maple Grove Elementary in Lachine, Quebec, were allowed to wear Montreal jerseys instead of their school uniforms. Keila proudly wore Ottawa colors. She was promptly sent to the principal's office, where she was told to wear a different shirt or be sent home.

Keila refused to change.

"I didn't think it was fair,” Keila told CTV Montreal. "I'm allowed to have my own opinion."

School authorities asked Keila to remove her Sens' shirt, saying they were acting in her best interests, according to Global News.

When Ottawa owner Eugene Melnyk heard Keila's story, he invited her and her family to sit in his personal suite for Tuesday's Game 4 and dispatched a limo to bring them to the arena.

To make the night even more memorable, the Penners got to witness a thrilling Senators' victory in overtime.

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