Nicole Muxo, a senior at Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School, had some high hopes for her prom night: A date with Dwyane Wade.

She made a YouTube video and crossed her fingers, but then as the video below shows, during her prom received word over the loudspeaker from Wade that he wouldn't be able to make it.

Luckily for Muxo, he was just kidding -- and shortly after the phone call, the Heat star walked out to the delight of the stunned high schoolers. He gave Muxo some roses, danced with her and snapped some photos.

"I was a kid before. I had people I looked up to and people I liked," he said. "The moment something like this would have happened to me it would have made my senior year and made my life at that very moment."

Wade didn't stay the whole time -- after all, Muxo had another date. "I'm like the third wheel," he joked.

We're guessing Muxo's other date didn't really mind.

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