In the grand scheme of things, Todd Frazier's home run didn't mean much for the outcome of Thursday's Cincinnati Reds-Miami Marlins game.

By the time Cincinnati's third baseman blasted a shot over the center field fence in the sixth inning, the Reds were already leading, 9-1.

But under the circumstances of the at-bat, Frazier's long ball was one of the coolest home runs of the year.

Before Frazier went up to the plate he had some words with Ted Kremer, the Reds' bat boy. Kremer, who is autistic, had special motivation for Frazier.

"[Kremer] said, 'come on man, hit me a home run. I love you.'" Frazier recalled after the game. "And I said 'I love you, too. I'll hit you one. It was great how excited, that look, I started smiling before I even hit home plate."

On the second pitch of the at-bat, Fraizer delivered on his promise.

Afterwards, Kremer was so excited that he forgot to pick up Frazier's bat. But the pair's celebration produced this spectacular photo: